The Junkmanfromafrika

The Junkyard Africa (Headquarters Lagos) makes available derivatives, images, and products as forms of Art, translating from most of the celebrated works of the brand-name; TheJunkManFromAfrika.

Since thejunkmanfromafrika's works usually consist of sculptural assemblages, installations, and very unique performances, we are glad to be able to bring these packets of his creative ingenuity in smaller scales as affordable forms of aesthetics and beauty; with which we hope to adorn your homes and work places.

Stay tuned as we roll out unique and original pieces for your pleasure and collection.

In addition, this shop also features works from collaborative creative ventures with some of the world's most creative artists whose individual works we also proudly display here for your collection.

Please note that every work you buy will be delivered with the authentic seal and signature of TheJunkManFromAfrika. Otherwise, it is an unauthorized copy. ⁠


Dilomprizulike is a Nigerian contemporary artist who has become known the world over as


His works include neo-expressionist sculpture, performance, painting, prints, music, and photography using mixed mediums and junk.


His "junk" pieces are often politically charged concept pieces that transforms jumbles of old fabrics and other debris found on city streets, creating sculptural installations and performances.

He holds a Bachelors of Arts degree from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, and a Masters of Fine Arts degree from the University of Dundee, Scotland.  His work has been exhibited widely in Africa, all over Europe, in the USA, China, and Japan. He is the founder of The Museum of Awkward Things and The Junkyard Afrika, Lagos, Nigeria




Paula Nishikawara is a Canadian artist and graduate of the Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Canada.

Her artistic practice is a sensitive reflection of the world we live in. Nature, the inquiry of life and being human emerge in her aesthetics, materials, colour, technique, genres and subject matter.


From the bold abstraction to the almost fossilized detail of a fish's body, the message of life and what it beholds shines throughout.

Her work has travelled through Australia, Canada, and the USA with the Smithsonian Institute and is in collections in Europe, Canada, Japan, Australia and the USA.

The Fish Prints available here are made using a technique rooted in her Japanese heritage.

More of Paula's work can be seen at

We personally guarantee the pieces to be genuine, original and amazing.