Paula Nishikawara

Paula Nishikawara’s works are jaw dropping; and this is to say the least.

More extensive selection of works can be viewed here:

Paula graduated at Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Canada. Then she wandered into various forms of business lines, where she predominantly exhibited trails of outstanding success: a laudable attainment she attributes to her ability
to quickly find a creative way of finding solutions to challenges in business, as well as answers to many questions in life and living.

After many years in the business world, Paula got back in the studio. Little wonder "her works reverberate with the rhymes and chants of a stage orchestra, only that she plays her painterly symphony on canvas and other materials of the expressive amber”, says theJunkmanfromAfrika.

Upon her decision to go back to the studio Paula had prepared her creative adventures by equipping herself with additional skills. She sought out teachers in Canada, Germany and Japan from whom she learned traditional Japanese paperworks and printing techniques among other creative and contemporary skills.

Her choice of subject matters predominantly from Nature like Fish, Octopus, Forest and Water accentuates by the quality of her works which first captivate the viewer with the fine delicate finishings of masterly Japanese colour spreads, while engaging them at the same time, in a dialogue on the juxtaposition of techniques and deeper concepts about life - traditional, contemporary or even Avant-garde.

We feel honoured to have her works in this site for your collection and consumption. To see more of her paintings, prints and installation works visit her website at