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At last we are on!!! is born!

The internationally renowned artist and educationist - thejunkmanfromafrika henceforth opens his brand online shop for public consumption and collection for the first time....

In this shop you can find original works of art and design, derivatives, music, concepts, signature symbols of the brand-name thejunkmanfromafrika as well as high quality works of our cherished featuring artists.

Also, Performances, Photos of Installations and Reproductions of his most acclaimed and celebrated works are showcased from time to time. His musical exploits, lyrics, compositions, unique literary commentaries and critical writings are all packaged in consumable forms of aesthetic and entertainment. They are now made available for sale.

The proceeds from this shop and other innovative creative ventures are directed towards the developmental projects such as the erection of the full version of the Junkyard Museum of Awkward Things (Ltd) in Lagos, Nigeria and International artistic exchange and residency programs.

We also intend to support education, health and structural developmental projects in Nigeria and the African continent.

Most importantly we will encourage creative potentials in all areas of art, musical and conceptual stage performances and writing.

Once in a while there will be auction sales and special offers in order to encourage followership of those who carry this vision with us.

In our attempt to provide a colourful shop as well as help promote artistic practice, we have created a "featuring artists" column where artists are constantly invited to present their works for sale. Artists who are interested in this offer should contact us at or 0049 152 389 69553.

thejunkmanfromafrika is hereby calling on all his followers, admirers, lovers and fans to strongly support this venture by sharing, liking, and buying the products of this site. 

My unconditional gratitude to you all.

thejunkmanfromafrika  July 2017

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